Bake In Store Soft Pretzels

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Philadelphia Style 5 oz.

Our most popular pretzel style.  The long "figure 8" shape is a Philly tradition. Packaged 100/Case.

Small 3.5 oz. Bavarian Style Round

Smaller style pretzel in a round shape. Packaged 150/Case.

Large 5 oz. Bavarian Style Round

Larger version of our smaller Bavarian Style pretzel. Packaged 100/Case.

Individually Wrapped 5 oz. Philadelphia Style 

Frozen-thaw and serve.  These pretzel come individually wrapped and salted.  Available in our Philly Style shape. Packaged 80/Case.

Soft Pretzel Bagels 5 oz.

Frozen-Thaw (warm) and serve.  1/2 Soft Pretzel 1/2 Bagel. Packaged 60/Case.

Assorted Kettle Boiled NY Style Bagels

4.25-5 oz. Baked and frozen. Ready to thaw and serve. Can also be warmed in an oven.  These bagels are great with cream cheese and butter.  Also, great to use for sandwiches. Top sellers are Plain, Everything, Sesame & Cinnamon Raisin. Packaged 60/Case.

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