Pretzelworks, Inc. was formed in 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our founder Sam, owned a pretzel stand in the city and originally bought product from a local vendor. Sam’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to manufacture soft pretzels for himself. With $5000, finding and rebuilding a rare antique soft pretzel machine, and a lot of hard work, Pretzelworks, Inc. was born.

As the 1960’s progressed, Sam decided to expand his business by launching a frozen soft pretzel product. This new pretzel could be baked/warmed at locations for people to experience hot and fresh oven baked pretzels around the clock. The frozen pretzel has become our specialty and is still made today. Our company later expanded into bagel manufacturing.  We even make a hybrid soft pretzel bagel that gives you the best of both worlds.

Today, Pretzelworks, Inc. is in its second generation run by Sam’s son Michael. 63 years after our founding, we are proudly the oldest soft pretzel company existing in Philadelphia.  We strive to offer the best products and service we can to our customers.